Cabling Standards Reaching New Heights

TIA’s TR-42 standards committee on Commercial Buildings Telecommunications Cabling is busier than ever on a number of fronts including alignment of U.S. and international standards, the Cat 6 consortium, and new cabling standards and guidelines that support speeds up to 100Gbit/s. Join TIA NOW as we speak with Stephanie Montgomery, Sr. Director of Technology and Standards at TIA.

Corning’s OVD Manufacturing Using Corning’s patented outside vapor deposition technology, Corning manufactures ultra-pure telecommunication grade optical fiber. To ensure consistency and reliability, Corning produces all of the glass materials for its fiber.

The fiber making process begins by creating “preforms” of glass on proprietary vapor deposition lathes, with chemistry controlled so precisely that contaminant levels are measured in parts per billion. These preforms are sintered into a solid, dense, transparent glass and subsequently drawn into coated optical fiber the diameter of a human hair, with dimensional precision at the one-micron level. Additional manufacturing steps test the fiber for strength at 100,000 pounds per square inch and fully measure its optical performance before shipment to customers.

CommScope Fiber Optic Qwik II Connector Termination CommScope Inc. is a multinational telecommunications company based in Hickory, NC.

CommScope manufactures SYSTIMAX and Uniprise brands of Enterprise infrastructure of copper Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling, connector panels, jacks and fiber optic cabling, connector panels, racking and metals.

This video demonstrates how to terminate optical fiber with CommScope’s Qwik II for LC, SC and ST connectors.

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40/100GbE: Next Generation Architectures – Managed Intelligently During the 2012 Gartner Data Center Conference, CommScope’s Matt Baldassano gave a presentation showcasing how technology, intelligence and energy can all work together in creating an effective 40/100G network for the data center. Matt’s presentation provides insight on the value that intelligence infrastructures provide while assisting organizations in the challenges of managing multi-form factor connectors in their networks